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Long overdue update......

August 20th, 2014 at 08:27 pm

Hi all!

I am still around....haven't been blogging but reading and commenting.

Things are well around here since I last posted. We have paid off my tires and owe $400 on DH's. Final payment (no interest) is due in November. We also have about $3,000 left on our home equity line of credit. Just as that is being paid off, we will run it up again as we are going to be redoing our master bath. We have the money in savings to pay for it, but do not want to deplete it. We will work at paying it down as soon as possible.

We have been enjoying summer, much warmer weather in the NW than usual, thus running the a/c a lot more too.

Since we took our big vacation for the year back in April, we did a 3 day road trip in July to visit Crater Lake in Southern Oregon and then headed over to the coast for a night. We are also looking a doing a short trip to Vegas in mid October.

DD1 is living in her college town, working and taking classes. DD2 came home for the summer in mid June. She will head back to college in mid Sept. She was lucky enough to get a job transfer from her college town up to the franchise in our town for the summer. She will also be returning back to the store in her college town when she heads back.

I guess that's it for now. Am really going to try to be better about posting. Lot's of things to share!

Off to update my sidebar Smile