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No black Friday for me

November 28th, 2010 at 08:05 pm

I am not a black Friday shopper.....I just cannot stand the crowds and the rude pushy people. I would rather just search around and find deals. I find that most stores seem to have a bunch of the same deals, sales, a coupons starting the day after Thanksgiving and they run through Christmas Eve. I am not an online shopper but I still feel I can find a good bargain. I already have a bunch of coupons saved in a pile and some shopping planned.

My DH went to Office Depot about a week ago for some ink cartridges for our printer.....a nice surprise....he came home with a free $15 I Tunes card......that will be a gift for one of the girls.

DD1 was home from college this week. We had a great time with her. Money was spent on some family activities.....we all went to see Harry Potter....tickets x 4....ugh.....but I had a $15 gift card from work so that helped. I used my Regal Rewards card and we have now earned enough points for a free movie ticket. Of course we had to have popcorn....at least we got a refill on the large Smile

We also went downtown to see a Christmas program.....tickets were purchased a while ago but we did go out to dinner after....Red Robin and $60 later....then ice cream.....

I really need to purchase an Entertainment book. My grandmother used to give us one every year at Christmas but didn't last year. I was able to purchase one from a co-worker who's son was selling them for his school...$10.00...can't beat that! But, they are not selling them this year as apparently, many who had a book to show people didn't return them and didn't pay for them. I guess they just don't want to take that risk. I feel they are a good bargain....we definately use our money's worth. We also trade coupons with friends and family who have the book also.

I have a big to do list to write out and start working on for the coming week.

Good night all!

Weekend happenings

November 13th, 2010 at 03:52 pm

We had a good week last week with hardly any money out for "wants". We have been on a bit of a spending spree since redoing dd2's bathroom and our kitchen. Lucky for us, the rooms are almost done (decorating that is).

Today I headed to the dreaded mall with dd2 and friend in tow. She needed to find a dress for the semi formal winter dance. We have given her a budget for her needs and anything above that, she will have to cover out of her money. We did find her a cute dress at Macy's though I was a bit disappointed that they wouldn't take the coupon I had....dh had found one for 15% off but it was only for sale and clearance items. I suppose if we find a coupon between now and the dance, we may make a run back there to get a price adjustment. But, in the end, it was dd's decision to get the dress. She will have to budget accordingly.

I also hit Costco (another dreaded place) for a few items.

And lastly, I paid our property taxes which are due on the 15th. Yikes....I did pay in full so there was a savings of $104. Lucky (I guess) for us, they only went up about $50 this year.

Didn't accomplish alot so far this weekend so Sunday will be a day of catching up around the house. The weather is raining and icky so it will be nice to stay in and putter around.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

We had a blast!

November 8th, 2010 at 06:54 pm

At the REO Speedwagon concert.....wow....what a great time.....those guys really rocked it and put on a fabulous show. Final tally for the weekend...unknown....we hit an outlet mall on our way down and purchased a few things. I have been in desperate need of some warm, long sleeved shirts. I found two and then we hit the North Face store and happened upon a great deal for a fleece for dd2. It was on clearance plus an extra 30% off. This will be one of her Christmas presents. We had lunch with a coupon and then hit a coffee place we had a gift card for and shared a drink. We headed over to the casino and we were able to check in a bit early. We checked the place out and I put $2 in the slot machine...I lost and I was done.....just didn't have the heart to keep throwing our money away. We enjoyed a nice dinner and drinks and then hit the concert. Breakfast in the morning at the buffet which was very tasty. We then headed to another outlet mall and made a few more purchases. I am not a huge fan of outlet malls but I think if things are on clearance combined with a sale a good deal can be found. We then started heading back to meet dd2 for her soccer game. DD1 was going to attend but decided not to as dd2 called us on Friday after practice to inform us she collided with another girl and heard her ankle pop.....just what we needed! Luckily she is ok but didn't play in the game. So we swung by and picked up dd1 and took her out to lunch since we were headed that way anyway....it was fun to see her and visit for a bit. We then went to the game and had to pay $12 to get in and not even watch dd play....oh well, we were there to support the whole team so that was ok. They ended up losing so we are done with the high school season. We had a cheap dinner out since money was pretty much flying out the door. Sunday was hair day and I, as always, am very happy with my hair girl....money well spent in my opinion Smile Finished this spendy weekend with groceries and another fill up on my car.

Hoping this week will be quiet.....at least on the money front!

It's going to be a spendy one

November 5th, 2010 at 09:48 am

This weekend that is. DH and I are headed out of town for a quick overnight trip for a belated anniversary "outting". We got concert tickets to see a band from our teenage years....REO Speedwagon....ha ha. The concert is at a casino near the coast. We are going to meander our way down and just take it easy. We will head out for a coffee treat, lunch and maybe some shopping at an outlet mall. We will see about that one. We will splurge on a nice dinner and drinks tonight. The only gambling we will be doing will be pulling a few one armed bandits! We are not gamblers.....heck, I don't even know HOW to play anything which I guess is a good thing Smile. Breakfast in the morning at the lodge and then we will head back. Only we won't be going home right away. DD has first round state soccer playoff's and their game is at 3:00 in a town on our way back. She will be getting a ride there which is so nice for us as we would have to come home and then head back the same way we were coming from. This also means most likely, lunch and dinner out tomorrow. On Sunday, I will be getting my hair cut and colored. This is a treat I allow myself when I went back to work to my "almost" full time status. For years I colored my own hair at home but decided I was going to do something nice for myself. DD also wants to head to the mall on Sunday to start shopping for her Snowball dress. This is a semi formal winter dance at our highschool held the first Sat in Dec. Tickets will be purchased and then the kids usually head out to dinner....somewhere like Olive Garden or such...nothing too terribly fancy. Gas and groceries this weekend will add to the total of this spendy weekend.

Have a good weekend fellow bloggers!