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October 31st, 2010 at 07:51 pm

I can't believe it has been so long since my last entry. I have been lurking around a bit but don't really know why I haven't posted. I am busy up and down while posting this handing out candy to trick or treaters.

Not much financial news. Our only debt (other than our house) is the payment on my suv. We have decided to really start hammering this down. We are under $15,000.00 now as I sent a larger payment in October which brought us under 15K. This is a no interest loan but we really want to get it paid off.

We also want to start a seperate vacation savings account. We are planning a big cruise for our 25th anniversary sometime in 2012.(our anniversary is in Oct but since that is hurricane season, we will probably go in April or May) We have been on 2 other cruises and have really enjoyed them. Having a seperate account aside from our regular savings account would be great so we could really "see" that we are attaining our goal of paying for it in full at the time it is booked.

October has been a fairly busy month with our anniversary, dd1's b-day, and soccer. My parents treated us to dinner on our anniversary which was really sweet. DD1 came home from college to spend the weekend at home and also to celebrate her b-day. We had a big family party and it was so nice that everyone was able to make it and see her as some family members haven't seen her since she left at the end of Aug. DD2 has been busy with soccer and school. Without dd1 here to run her around, we find ourselves doing alot more driving this year! We have also been on a big painting kick.....redid dd's bathroom and also the kitchen. Our kitchen has been red for the past 10 years and we were ready for a change. As I mentioned before, we again used Behr paint with primer....one coat to cover a dark red.....VERY worthwhile both in price and time.

Time to sign off now. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!