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Cap and gown

October 10th, 2012 at 08:12 am

Had to do the order for dd2's cap, gown, and tassel order on Monday night as it was due on Tuesday.

Total for all 3: $48.95

Also ordered announcements and name cards.

With the shipping they charge it all came to $117.30 (cap, gown, tassel, announcements, and name cards)

Whole lot of spending going on

August 14th, 2012 at 07:22 pm

Yesterday and this week. We are refinancing our home....for some reason DH thought we would be done this week....he is wrong...it is still going to be another 30 days at least until we sign. They are out approximately 90 days from the start. So here is what it looks like:

Monday: $445 to mortgage company for appraisal and $75 for dd2 soccer camp at high school.

Thursday: $175 to said high school for the privilege of playing soccer

In the next few weeks: school registration...it is all done via mail...not sure what to expect....dd2 will be a senior and I am sure there will be some school costs associated with that (other than things like cap and gown) There will be the studentbody fee, yearbook (which she won't get until NEXT year), and possibly other fee's for classes...on the other hand, I think way back when she was a freshman, I paid $50 for some reason for her senior year....I can't remember but I think there was a credit back for that amount for dd1 when she was a senior. I do have $31 in my scrip account which I can use towards school fee's. Also, dd2 is having her senior pictures done on Wed....I am so excited! It will be 2-3 weeks before the proof's are done and then we will see what she has to offer as far as collections ect. We are not planning on spending a ton, but do want some nice pictures. My brother and sil did dd1's, but due to some family stuff, we aren't speaking right now.

Thankfully the mastercard bill is very low this month and the garbage and water/sewer bill won't be billed until next month (we pay every 2 months).

No big plans for the rest of month except the state fair at the end of the month. DD2 doesn't even start school until the day after Labor Day.

I forgot to add that I also sent $500 to the suv loan on Sat and also stopped at Costco ($225).

School fee's

August 25th, 2011 at 06:25 pm

Our high school does registration through the mail. Sure beats having to stand in line with hundreds of other people. Anyway, fee's this year ended up being about $60.00. That is with my credit of $12.66 from my scrip account. Quick breakdown:

$3.00 mandatory student fee (whatever)
$15 ASB sticker (gets into all games)
$10 for an elective
$45 yearbook (price goes up later)

I also had to pay $175 for soccer. That price keeps going up every year. Will also pay for soccer pictures when that comes up. Shouldn't be more than $25 or so.

School pictures will be another $25 to $30 which will be taken the first or second day of school....whatever period their Language Arts class ends up being. I say either 1st or 2nd day because our school has even classes one day and odd the next.

Please don't throw rotten tomatoes at me for buying pictures....I know they don't scream frugal but I love them anyway! Smile

Didn't have to buy too many school supplies either...just some pencils, highlighters, paper, notebooks, and 2 binders. All were purchased on sale and/or with a coupon.

Almost done school clothes shopping too....just have a few more things to get. We usually don't buy too much to start with since it is still warm around here in September and into early October. That way we can save some shopping for warm clothes a bit later in the year and the selection seems a bit better.


January 16th, 2011 at 07:07 pm

is how I am feeling lately....but, it is a good boring. Meaning not alot of money spent lately. For the most part, we have really been watching the spending. We had decided not to do any eating out during the week, only once on the weekend. We have been pretty good about this, except for last weekend, we did do dinner out on Friday, and then I ended up talking dh into McD's on Sat....this weekend we have been good.....saw Black Swan on Friday and then cheapy dinner after. Ate in Saturday and tonight. I did have lunch out with my sister today though after we went and saw our 92 year old grandmother. It was cheap, under $5.00 so I am not feeling too bad about it. I consider it a good investment in quality "sister time" Smile

DH has spent a little money on his new fish tank....trying to get the water right....we have lost several fish....well actually all of them except one....he bought two more because he thought the lone one was probably lonley...well....one died so we are down to two.....hope they survive...

Things to do next week include:

Clear dd1's college account and pay spring semester room/board, tuition, and meal plan....this money comes out of a trust for her that was set up by my grandparents when my kids were babies...

Deposit FSA check reimbursement

Cancel a hotel reservation for next Friday...we are only staying Sat night...this is for a soccer tournament in Seattle

Gather tax items

Concussion form for soccer tournament

Start FAFSA....if W2's come in next week

Pay bills and drop them off at post office

Call regarding hospital ER bill.....I received 2 bills....one for a diagnostic study (after the ER visit) which I know is correct...the 2nd one is for all of the ER stuff....no itemization....I need that before I will pay as I am not sure why the balance is what it is.

Annual physical for me tomorrow

Follow up doctor appt for dd2 Tuesday

Soccer practice for dd...M,T,W,TH

I am hoping to accomplish most of this by Tuesday.

Wish me luck!