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Umbrella policy....your thoughts and/or experiences

May 23rd, 2012 at 01:39 pm

So, a few weeks ago, DH and I were visiting with our insurance agent. We had to get a new life insurance policy as our current 20 year term (where does the time go)? policy is expiring. We got all of that set up and then started our annual review.

Our agent (who we really like and trust) brought up umbrella policies. Part of the reason she did, was because we have a teenager and a semi-adult (20 year old who lives with us during the summer since she is in college). She was explaining to us that if something tragic happened, obviously we could be sued. We have $250,000.00 on our homeowners right now and that an umbrella policy of 1 million might be a good idea. She said that people that tend to sue, typically will settle if someone has a 1 mi umbrella policy rather than going to court. If you only have $250K, they are much more likely to go after your other assets like your 401K ect. She also said that an attorney could argue that someone with $650K in assets, and only $250K on your homeowners policy, wasn't doing their due diligence.

So, for about $17/mo we could have this umbrella policy....we can afford this no problem.

Our agent is not pushy or dramatic.....just offering the information up.

So...my question is for all you is....does anyone have this policy? What if any is your experience? Any pro's or con's that you could think of on why we should or shouldn't do it?

Thanks much!

Another $500!

May 16th, 2012 at 05:35 pm

To the SUV loan! We are getting this thing paid down SA friends! Smile

$5000 to go!

The end of cash??

May 15th, 2012 at 07:15 pm

We had a story on our local newscast this evening. They were talking about how cash is eventually going to go away. They were saying how "most" people wouldn't care anyway in this day and age. They had an author on who wrote some book about it....saying how expensive cash is....to print it, haul it to the bank ect.....also talked about how filthy it was...he likened it to passing a used tissue!

They were showing how now a days, you can use your smart phone for just about anything....how someday (maybe now)? you could even use it to pay people like your babysitter or server in a restuarant just by touching your phones together.....transferring the money and all.

It was interesting to say the least....what do you think?

Hit our savings goal

May 8th, 2012 at 08:21 am

I had a goal to hit $25,000 for savings and we did it! We are now at $27,000.

Going to update my sidebar to reflect a new goal....$30,000!

Wish us luck! Smile

Catching up.....

May 4th, 2012 at 08:12 am

Finally feeling like I am back to the land of the living....the 3 hour time difference really kicked my butt! Have done nothing this past week except work, make dinner, dishes, and watch tv! It did help however, that ALL of the housework was done before we left....that was the plan! And it worked beautifully!Now I am feeling up to normal and the house needs to be cleaned this weekend.....Smile

Anyway, May is shaping up to be busy....the weekends at least....I don't think we have one free weekend this month except Memorial Day. This weekend dd2 has the SAT....have to be there at 7:45am about 30 min away....ugh! Sunday she is getting her hair cut and colored. Next Friday, we are having a baby shower at work for the 2 gals that are expecting....brunch at my bother and sil's house on Sunday. The following weekend we have a family birthday celebration for 3 of dh's family.

Gift's that need to be purchased:

2 baby shower gifts (both girls)!

3 b-day gifts/gift cards for dh family (mil, bil and nephew)

1 b-day gift card for my aunt....normally don't buy for her but she did get me something on my b-day and both the girls last year....feel somewhat obligated.

Flowers for memorial day....will take and put on all of the grandparents.....my dad's parents are burried next to each other and my mom's parents are too, though at different sites....we missed last year so we really need to get there this year....plus since my grandmother passed in Feb, it is a must.

I think that it is......goodness....I hope so!

SUV loan.....

May 1st, 2012 at 06:26 pm

Sent another $500 before we left for the cruise....we are now down to $5500!