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School fee's

August 25th, 2011 at 06:25 pm

Our high school does registration through the mail. Sure beats having to stand in line with hundreds of other people. Anyway, fee's this year ended up being about $60.00. That is with my credit of $12.66 from my scrip account. Quick breakdown:

$3.00 mandatory student fee (whatever)
$15 ASB sticker (gets into all games)
$10 for an elective
$45 yearbook (price goes up later)

I also had to pay $175 for soccer. That price keeps going up every year. Will also pay for soccer pictures when that comes up. Shouldn't be more than $25 or so.

School pictures will be another $25 to $30 which will be taken the first or second day of school....whatever period their Language Arts class ends up being. I say either 1st or 2nd day because our school has even classes one day and odd the next.

Please don't throw rotten tomatoes at me for buying pictures....I know they don't scream frugal but I love them anyway! Smile

Didn't have to buy too many school supplies either...just some pencils, highlighters, paper, notebooks, and 2 binders. All were purchased on sale and/or with a coupon.

Almost done school clothes shopping too....just have a few more things to get. We usually don't buy too much to start with since it is still warm around here in September and into early October. That way we can save some shopping for warm clothes a bit later in the year and the selection seems a bit better.

Big catch up

August 24th, 2011 at 07:18 pm

It's still summer here in my neck of the woods as school for dd2 doesn't start until after Labor Day. We will be sending dd1 off to her second year of college this Saturday and classes start on the 29th.

We have had a pretty low key summer. Haven't done much since we have our big cruise coming up in April.

We did take two trips to Seattle for dd2's club soccer team. That was fun. First trip we hit Pike's Market one day and the zoo the next. Had great weather so that was a plus. Second trip didn't have time to do much. We ended up watching the World Cup as a team between games. I had forgotten how much I hate Seattle traffic....ugh it is horrific!

Dh and I managed a 2 day trip to the beach. It was lot's of fun and we had great weather. We were able to explore a part of the coast we haven't spent much time on.

We have done some local things too...hit the big Portland Saturday Market downtown a couple of times, went to our local zoo, and have seen many movies. We are planning on hitting the state fair on Sunday. We are bringing dd2 and one of her friends. That will probably be it for our summer adventures.

Kids have had an ok summer too. DD1 went on 2 short road trips with friends, some movies, a concert, and a weekend at the lake with her boyfriends family. DD2 had 3 soccer tournaments, a week at a lake resort with her best friends family, movies,soccer camp, and a day trip to a water park. They also came along with us to the local zoo and market.

So, all in all a pretty decent if low key summer...nothing wrong with that. We try to balance the expensive vacations with low key ones at least every other year if not more. Now that dd1 is in college, I doubt we will have many if anymore family vacations for a long time.

I am so ready for Fall and school to start. Really ready to get back into a routine. I find I am much more focused on everything when in a routine and not the lazy days of summer.

Making good progress on the suv loan. I miscalculated and thought a month ago we were below $10k....turns out now we are at $9500...not sure what I was thinking. Anyway, feels good to be under that $10k mark. Still sending $500 a month to Ford even though there are a few tight weeks here and there.

I guess that's about it for now. Good night all!