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My not so frugal day...traffic ticket.....

January 20th, 2014 at 08:12 pm

Boo! I had a pretty darn good day today until I stopped on my way home at Office Depot. We were out of printer paper so I popped in on my way home from work....I was also happy to get 100 shopkick points.

Well I decided to go out one way and wished I would have gone the other!

I took at left when I wasn't suppose to....in all fairness, there is a sign that says no left turn....but everyone and I mean everyone in our town takes a left pulling out of this particular lot. In fact, people waiting for the light to the right actually leave space for people to take a left.

My bad luck I guess...$260 and a court date of Feb 18th...hopefully I can get it reduced.

No excuses, but still, a crappy way to end my day!

I even had a friend on facebook wonder if anyone had ever been caught....well now she knows someone who has...ha ha

I cheered myself up with a cookie and Sunday nights episode of Downtown Abbey.

I'm such a criminal....lol

Menu plan for the week

January 12th, 2014 at 04:44 pm

Jumping on the band wagon along with everyone else:

Chicken soft tacos
French dips
Barbequed Meatballs with rice

All dinners above will have one or two sides with them.....as long as I have the main part of dinner planned, I can easily do the sides....usually a salad, veggies or fruit or a combo of both.

I find menu planning to be especially helpful during the work week as we like to eat early, rest our tummies and then head to the gym. I like to get my work out done and have some time to relax when we get home before bed.