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It's done!

February 24th, 2011 at 08:18 pm

Yahoo! The dreaded FAFSA application is finally done. I had to start a new one as I had entered some info wrong on the previous one and somehow couldn't get it to change. It really didn't take that long and I had my tax return with all of the info. I am always scared though that somehow I have entered something wrong and they are going to come take me away for falsifying something inadvertently!

Gas prices are sharply rising in our area. One station today on my way home was $3.52 for regular.

Our taxes were filed last Friday and we should have our Federal return sometime betweeen March 4th and March 11th. I can't wait to get that money and put it in a fund for the anniversary cruise! That will be a huge start towards paying for that vacation in CASH. We owe $94 to the State and they will be receiving their money on April 18th and not a day sooner Smile

I have a check for $65 to deposit tomorrow from my sister who owed me for concert tickets (Sarah McLaughlin who we saw earlier this month) I also need to check to find out exactly how much I spent on books for dd1 so I can reimburse myself....should be a little over $400 and that will need to go to the credit card which is due soon.

That's it from around here.....have a good night!

A bit shocked......

February 18th, 2011 at 07:55 pm

Went and had our taxes done today.....I was a bit nervous thinking we might owe.

Well, we do owe the state about 130.00....figures, we always seem to owe the state.

The big shocker? Getting $2000 back from the feds......all due to the American Opportunity Credit.....our tax lady said to thank dd1 who is in college....without her and her college status we would have owed approx $600.

So, yay for us....this will go towards opening a new account to start funding our 25th anniversary cruise next year.

Now that the taxes are done, FAFSA must be completed....that is on my agenda for tomorrow morning.....ugh

After that, dd2 and I leave for a day of soccer....tournament on the other side of town....games at 2:30 and 8:30.....really....8:30pm? I am ticked....we probably won't even be home until 10:30 or 11pm.....then to top it off, we have to be back out there Sunday at 11:00 for another game.....if they place 1st or 2nd they will play in the final on Monday....of course, I have to work and so does dh. I am sure there will be someone that can drive her there and back.....

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Money In.....Money Out

February 14th, 2011 at 08:43 pm

It always seems that way....we were doing real well without spending anything and then BAM....this weekend....my dh was off work (he works every other weekend) and we always tend to spend more when he is home on his weekend off. Ate out too much too. Dh had his transmission fluid changed on Friday to the tune of approx $180.00. DH also bought me a new watch for my b-day...got a great deal on it though, but still...money out.

Good news.....I received a $100 check from my grandmother for my birthday which was the 7th....also received my $20 Proctor & Gamble rebate too....both went directly into the savings acct.

We hosted a birthday gathering at our house on Sunday to celebrate my b-day, sis in law, and niece....it's just too hard to try to do them seperately. I received some gift cards that will come in handy...Bath and Body Works, Barnes & Noble (great for the nook), Walmart, and a 3 mo trial to Blockbuster Online....brother in law works there and I guess the online part of Blockbuster is doing ok. We had a membership for quite a long time and ended up cancelling it when we got Comcast. So, I will use it and then cancel when it is up....already have it on the calendar.

Going to have the taxes done on Friday.....I am a little nervous....I really need to get them done so I can finish FAFSA for dd1. Our income went up due to my going back to work more hours, dh working lots of overtime....plus we don't get that child tax credit any more for dd1 and for 2011 we will lose it since dd2 is turning 16 this year. So, we shall see what happens.

Sent another $400 to the car loan today....it is good to see that balance going down.

Well that's it for now....have an enjoyable evening everyone!

Coupon Source?

February 7th, 2011 at 08:10 pm

Does anybody have any suggestions on where to purchase coupons off the internet that is safe and reliable? I get the Sunday inserts and my mom usually saves me hers after she goes through it. I am looking to supplement my stash which is pitiful at the moment Frown

Thanks in advance!

Check In and the dog ate my cash.....

February 6th, 2011 at 07:33 pm

Wow, it's been awhile!

Financially, things have been well. I up'd my SEP IRA at work....it makes sense seeing that with dd1 at college, some of our expenses have gone down and we have a little more money in our pockets. DH received his PPA payout....$750.00....it was suppose to be in the form of a prepaid visa but they just did a direct deposit instead....that was fine by us! It went directly into the savings account.

We have been good about not spending money on the house...the only thing we have done so far (which was one of the improvements we wanted to do this year), was get new blinds for the 4th bedroom which is a tv room and also blinds for our master bath. They are nice white wooden blinds that match the rest of the house. Other than that, no spending....I am proud of us!

Food wise, we have been eating out a bit more. Most of it is from soccer. DD2 has games every weekend and they always seem to fall around lunch time.....either right before or right after. She had an overnight soccer tournament in Seattle a few weeks ago and that meant several meals out. We have been trying to use coupons when possible to keep the costs down.

Gas for the cars has gone up slightly....dd has soccer practice 4 nights a week which means a lot of running around. I always try to do errands on my way home from work on my short days....that certainly helps.

Not much else going on....just normal day to day stuff.

On a funny closing note....I work in medical billing and collections for a 4 doctor office......I heard a new excuse on Friday as to why someone hasn't paid their bill.....the dog ate their cash....yep......at least it was original.....I give them that Smile