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Nickle and dimed to death

September 13th, 2010 at 08:35 pm

At least it feels that way. I was hoping the outflow of money would slow down in September. So far it has not.

Part of it is our fault, I must admit. Too much eating out on the weekends and all those "little' things one thinks they must have but probably don't need.....sigh

Other expenses lateley have included:

$39 for school pics...yes....before you throw things at me, I ALWAYS buy school pics...I love getting them and looking at the previous years and seeing how much the kids have grown. I know they are not the best quality ect but these are memories and some day will be fun to look back on.

$30 for soccer socks....new uniforms were paid for out the school "soccer funds" but for some reason not the socks....at least we get to keep them when the season is over.

$25 for beach soccer retreat....a bargain as this is definately not something the school pays for. A mom on the team knows someone with a beach house who is letting them use it for free. The $25 will include gas down (since the coach is not coming, the parents have to drive) and food.

$5 for journalism class.....really I can't believe this...yes...I guess I can...like all the schools, everyone is broke and they have no money for anything....apparently there is hardly any money in the "school newspaper fund" and without it....well I don't know what they would do. Argghhh!

2 cases of donated gatorade for the high school soccer jamboree. We had a concession stand to raise money and since everything is donated, everything sold is profit.

$30 for a can of paint that most likely will not be used. DH bought it to paint DD1's room now that she is at college. Of course, that will always be her room and she will always have a place to stay with us, but we re-did DD2's room over Labor Day weekend (new bedspread/sheets/decorative pillow) and paint for her room. Well the paint ended up being very similar in color and dh didn't want the 2 rooms right next to each other to have the same color (go figure), so he bought some new paint and thought it looked too much like the paint in the hall....go figure....so a waste. The paint was a little on the expensive side, but I have to say, it was the same stuff we used for dd2's room which by the way had a horrible, horrible shade of green which was going to require primer. So Behr makes paint with primer in it so we got that for dd2's room and it worked fabulous! Only 1 coat. I would highly recommend it! But only if you pick the right color the first time so you don't have $30 down the drain for paint you are not going to use.... Sigh...AGAIN.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day....right?! Smile

It's been a while

September 4th, 2010 at 09:28 am

Since my last post. I had a goal to start posting every day in September but somehow that got away from me Smile

We have been very busy aroud here the past few weeks. DD2 had soccer camp and then soccer tryouts. Now she has soccer practice every day but has four days off for the holdiday weekend. We got DD1 off to college last weekend. It was sad but also excting to see her starting a new chapter in her life. She seems to be adjusting well, making friends and enjoying her classes. It is very strange only having one child around though....that is taking some getting used to. Work for me has also been super busy the past 2 weeks. We have been a bit short staffed and so I had to work away from my desk for several days which has made me a bit cranky and tired. Wasn't feeling up to doing much in the evenings last week and so I was a bit of a slacker Smile

Yesterday, which is my short day at work, I came home to find the house empty! DH took dd2 out to do a little school shopping. So I took advantage of the quiet and got into gear. I wanted to get a bunch of stuff done so I don't have to spend the long weekend doing nothing but housework and laundry. Felt real good when I was done and I got alot accomplished. Today, dd2 and I are off for a bit. We have a bunch of errands to run and a few more school things to get. Have some good coupons so we will see what we can find.

Financially, things are pretty good. I did have to pay $200 down for dd2 club soccer which was due Sept 1st. Other than that, I don't think there will be too many big expenses in September. I paid the mastercard bill at the end of August which was a big one. That had quite a bit of our vacation expenses on it so I am glad that is taken care of. DH bought dd1 a GPS for her birthday coming up late October. I'm not sure if we will give it to her early, or actually wait until her b-day. I would almost rather her have it now so she can start using it. She is only about an hour from home, but she is not familiar with the area she is in (it's not an area we ever frequented) so I would feel better about her having it sooner rather than later. There are a few small things that will need to be taken care of such as soccer socks for dd2. $25 to $30 for 2 pair. They got new high school uniforms but we have to pay for the socks...go figure. A b-day gift for my brother.... a $25 gift card and probably a few other things that will most certainly come up as usual!

Enjoy your day friends!