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Property taxes going up

October 16th, 2013 at 03:36 pm

We were watching the news the other night and they said property taxes for the coming year were going to go up as much as 9% in our county.

We have not received our bill yet, but I did go online and managed to find our new rate.

The somewhat good news is that it appears it is only going up $123 from last year.

I guess some of it depends on which city you live in, and if certain bonds ect are expiring or taking effect, so it appears we got off somewhat lucky.

We do have a school bond measure and a parks and rec measure coming up for vote in our city and if those pass, I have a bad feeling about next year.

Not going to worry about that now, but just be thankful they didn't go up too much this year.

2 Responses to “Property taxes going up”

  1. miz pat Says:

    Isn't it great - Our homes have lost value except when it comes to taxes

  2. Xtreme Thunder Says:

    I hear you with the property taxes going up!

    Ours will go up next year due to the way the City is adding a "Sanitation User Fee" to our taxes. In 2012 and all previous years it was included in our taxes, no separate line item on the tax bill. In 2013 they decided to charge and bill separately from our taxes and were billed per quarter, yet they also increased our tax levy. In 2014, sanitation is going back on the tax bill again, but as a separate line item. We are receiving an escrow refund this year, but with the Sanitation User Fee going back on the tax bill, we will owe money to the escrow account at the end of 2014. In 2015, the escrow portion of our mortgage will increase easily by $30/mo. for sanitation related alone, which I am okay with, because we itemize our taxes and can write it off, which I can't due this year because it is not a "tax".

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