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Awesome deal this weekend!

December 15th, 2013 at 06:26 pm

I got an awesome deal on a pair of boots for DD2 for Christmas. She had a pair of black boots (the kind that go up to the knee) and she just loved them. She took them to college and the zipper on one of them broke about a month into school.

I was at Fred Meyer on Saturday and they had their boots for 60% off....plus an apparel coupon for an extra 30% off.


A $70 pair of boots for $20!

I did text her a picture of them though, because I wanted to make sure she liked them. She is kind of picky and I didn't want to buy a pair she didn't like...now I just hope they fit her Smile

I did get a gift receipt but if she has to take them back, I am not sure what she will find...they were clearing out their stock of boots so fingers crossed they fit her well!

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