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Bathroom/Laundry room renovation

November 7th, 2013 at 12:58 pm

is almost done!

It has been a LONG 2 weeks, but it should all be finished by tomorrow. At least the contractor side of things.

DH and I will be painting and re-staining the cupboards and vanities.

All in all, this project will be costing approximately $12,000.

I'll provide a breakdown later.

I'm excited it is almost done.

1 Responses to “Bathroom/Laundry room renovation”

  1. Jay@MoneyBulldog Says:

    The costs aren't half bad by the way, I'm sure you've used your "money expertise" on that one. I know how expensive these home renovations can be, it really takes a toll on the budget but in the long term it's actually a nice investment.

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