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This and That

June 1st, 2012 at 08:21 pm

Paid the MasterCard bill today....ugh! Approx $3000.00. Most of it was from the new tv that we purchased before we went on our cruise. Picture was having some issues and the tv was about 5 years old. DH cannot live without his beloved tv, so a new one is ours. It is pretty nice....a smart tv....can view YouTube on it (yeah...oh wow) and NetFlix is on it too as well as the internet. We did not however, get one with 3D. A co-worker has one of those but she has small kids. I am not a huge fan of 3D and neither is DH so we opted out of a tv that had that.

Anyway, May had 3 family birthday's with gift cards at $25.00 each.

Mother's Day had us buying some pretty flowers for our Mom's. DH asked what I wanted but I said nothing....we had our cruise and I got some stuff then.

We relaxed over the long holiday weekend but ate out a few times. We went and put flowers on my grandparents graves. My mom gave me some money to defray the cost. My maternal grandparents are buried on somewhat of an incline and there is no way my mom and aunt can navigate that...especially since the ground was wet and muddy. My paternal grandparents are buried on flat land, but my dad has a degenerate muscle disease that makes it very hard for him to walk....it is getting worse and worse and he is finding it harder and harder to get out. My sister, nor my brother and sil offered to go so it fell to DH and I....no bother though, we were happy to do it. We also went out and purchased some flowers for our yard and pots. Almost forgot to add....2 baby shower gifts for the girls at work.

It was a long and busy May, but we had some good times spent with family and friends

Hopefully June will find us spending a little less money! I didn't really realize until I typed this out, how much spending we really did!

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