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Catching up.....

May 4th, 2012 at 08:12 am

Finally feeling like I am back to the land of the living....the 3 hour time difference really kicked my butt! Have done nothing this past week except work, make dinner, dishes, and watch tv! It did help however, that ALL of the housework was done before we left....that was the plan! And it worked beautifully!Now I am feeling up to normal and the house needs to be cleaned this weekend.....Smile

Anyway, May is shaping up to be busy....the weekends at least....I don't think we have one free weekend this month except Memorial Day. This weekend dd2 has the SAT....have to be there at 7:45am about 30 min away....ugh! Sunday she is getting her hair cut and colored. Next Friday, we are having a baby shower at work for the 2 gals that are expecting....brunch at my bother and sil's house on Sunday. The following weekend we have a family birthday celebration for 3 of dh's family.

Gift's that need to be purchased:

2 baby shower gifts (both girls)!

3 b-day gifts/gift cards for dh family (mil, bil and nephew)

1 b-day gift card for my aunt....normally don't buy for her but she did get me something on my b-day and both the girls last year....feel somewhat obligated.

Flowers for memorial day....will take and put on all of the grandparents.....my dad's parents are burried next to each other and my mom's parents are too, though at different sites....we missed last year so we really need to get there this year....plus since my grandmother passed in Feb, it is a must.

I think that it is......goodness....I hope so!

1 Responses to “Catching up.....”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I always think that I won't let jet lag get the best of me, but it's not that simple. Of course, we are seven hours ahead of East Coast time, and ten hours ahead of Pacific Time, so when we travel it is hard to plan around and it leads to inevitable exhaustion on the other end. I just don't think there is any insurance against it, even with pharmaceuticals!

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